Why Choose Us?

Escrowvine.com is a licensed online financial escrow and payments services provider. The company is an independent third party that safeguards the buyer's funds in trust until the seller delivers to the buyer what was promised. Only once the buyer is happy with the goods o r services received does Escrowvine.com release the funds to the seller.

Features and Benefits

With Escrowvine.com you can buy and sell anything safely without the risk of chargebacks. Truly secure payments

Reduce the Risk of Fraud/Bad Debt

If a seller misrepresents what he/she is selling, they will not be paid. If the Buyer doesn't have the agreed funds, the trade will not start. Escrow Vine incentives users to be honest.

Milestone & Progress Payments

You can split a single transaction into separate milestones or progress payments. Progress payments are common in the fuel, commodity, construction, and freelancing sectors.

Guarantees Cash Flow

Hundreds of SMEs are closing their doors due to lack of cash flow caused by orders that are not paid for, receivables/supplier payments that are not forthcoming.

Fast Transaction

Escrow Vine is fast. Depending on the speed of the transacting parties, a single Escrow Vine transaction can take 15 minutes to complete.

Complete Transparency

Email and SMS notifications are sent to all parties during each stage of the transaction lifecycle, ensuring complete transparency at all times and thereby eradicating any uncertainty whatsoever.

International Transactions

Escrow Vine can facilitate international transactions in major currencies around the world namely the USD, Euro, Sterling, RMB, AUD, and twenty other major foreign currencies.

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