How It Works

Escrow Vine is a licensed online financial escrow and payments services provider. The company is an independent third party that safeguards the buyer's funds in trust until the seller delivers to the buyer what was promised. Only once the buyer is happy with the goods or services received does Escrow Vine release the funds to the seller.

1. Register and trade

Found something to buy or sell? Register an account and create a transaction. Fill in the parties and the terms of the deal. You can upload any documentation if necessary.

2. Get counterparty registered

Escrow Vine will then invite the other party to your transaction. Other party thinks you too pricey? No problem…you can negotiate with each other until a deal is reached.

3. Deposit amount

Once the deal is struck, the terms of the trade are locked. The Buyer then deposits the money with Escrow Vine for safekeeping. Once the funds are verified, Escrow Vine will send a signed letter of confirmation to all parties.

4. Service rendered/product delivered

The Seller must then arrange delivery of the goods or perform the service. Delivery is safer now that the funds are in the middle. Any courier or tracking information can also be uploaded.

5. Release payment

Once the Buyer is happy with the goods or services received, Escrow Vine releases the funds to the Seller. If the Buyer is not happy, he/she can log onto Escrow Vine and lodge a dispute. This will allow parties to renegotiate certain terms.

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